Training Services

Firearms can be your best friend or you enemy

What is firearm training?

Obtain the correct knowledge of a specific firearms the use their off in a different environmental conditions. Obtain practical experience in the handle and use of different firearms and the Legal aspects if you use a firearm.

Training is categorized in different subsections namely Unit standers:

A – Personal use:

  1. Law the Act 60/2000
  2. Handgun Pistol / revolver
  3. Self-loading Rifle/ Carbine
  4. Manually operated Rifle / Carbine
  5. Shotgun

B – Business purposes’

  1. Law the Act 60/2000
  2. Handel and use of handgun for business purpose
  3. Handel and use of Self-loading rifle /carbine for business purpose
  4. Handel and use of Manually operated rifle / carbine for business purpose
  5. Handel and use of Shotgun for business purpose

You may be in a situation that you need a gun, a life or death threatening situation or for Hunting or Sport shooting activity. The responsibility lies with you to use such a firearm safely and for a legal purpose

Who may use that firearm?

When –  Where –  How –  Age –  Gender

Advance Firearm training – We specializes in advance training to whom it is necessary to obtain the correct mindset and to build your mussel memory to standard to handle most situations open minded and effectively

Type of training

  1. Classroom ( Theoretical )
  2. Practical ( shooting range )
  3. Classroom ( Theoretical )
  4. Practical (simulation rooms) Bedroom, Sitting room, Kitchen Ext.

Information sessions on

  1. Safeguarding of properties’ (homes, small holdings, farms) Alarm systems, CCTV, Two way radio and home base communication systems and lights
  2. Self-defense classes (basic and advance)
  3. Human behavior

Protecting of valuables property and life’s

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