Since 1980 the love for firearms the shooting the caring their off burnt like a fire in my veins

As a young schoolboy in standard 6 or known today as grade 8, I was part of the Cadets shooting team and their love of firearms started.

Building my first rifle stock my father’s .22 rifle and old Iver and Johnson saloon, after school I have joined the SANDF 6 SAI as an infantry soldier (voet soldaat). Joined the Commando and become part of the service shooting team.

I bought my self a .303 rifle and decided that I am going to shoot the .303 shooting competition that year But I did not like the back bud of the original stock so out of a piece of wood I made myself a thumbhole bud for my .303 and what happened I came 2nd that day Wow and then more and more friends asked me to turn their old .303 into nice looking hunting and sport shooting firearms a hobby starting to become a job with a smile.

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